Sunday, May 09, 2010

Don't sell out, Nick.

Extraordinary few days here in pommyland. We had an election, in case you missed it. Nobody won. It's what the Brits call a "hung parliament" and several other countries call "normal".

Won't go into detail about it here - the british press is rife with explanations, theories and speculations. As I write this, we're all waiting to see the outcome of the discussions between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives. Opinions on the strength of the Lib Dem negotiating position vary, but there's no doubt it's a wonderful opportunity to push the case for proportional representation.

To that end, I went to only my second ever political rally yesterday. had organised one in Trafalgar Square. At first there was a bit of half-arsed chanting, a non-working megaphone and general disorganisation. It looked like going really wrong when some Morris dancers showed up with a better sound system (well done @JasonBStanding!). But then the wonderful Billy Bragg showed up and gave a great speech. Shortly after, he invited us all down to Smith Square, where the Liberal Democrats were meeting to discuss their options.

The journey down there was rather surreal, with outside broadcasts, tourists and morris dancers mingling freely. We passed Downing Street where Brown was holed up. We passed the 'democracy village' where we cheerily debated our demand for fair votes with the anarchists' demand for no votes. Finally, we took up position in Smith Square and demanded to see Nick. To his great credit - he is after all, in the middle of the busiest weekend of his life - he came out and gave a short speech to the assembled throng. He didn't say anything of real substance but he did mention (not captured in most of the videos) how pleased he was to see 1000 people out calling for proportional representation.

Things don't look great if you believe the rumour mill today. Don't sell out, Nick.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

In honour of the latest episode of Glee

Think Glee's struggling a little to match the glossy, pacey, perfection of the first 12 episodes; but it's still a hell of fun.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

May the 4th be with you

(Not sure who to credit for that one, but well done, random internet person)