Friday, December 12, 2008



Rian said...

Tis very cool (though very early days, judging by the article).
Just another nail in the coffin of mind-body dualism - take that everyone who thinks the mind is some immaterial entity (ie. a soul)! ;-)

neonwombat said...

Yeah, it'll be ages before we can record our dreams (perhaps a good thing...). But the principle is established; it's merely a matter of granularity.

On the subject of mind-body dualism, this discussion is quite interesting:

Rian said...

Haven't listened to the show yet, but some of the comments are priceless:
"The brain and the mind are connected but separate, like computers and the internet. The brain is limited by time and space, the mind is not."

The stupid, it burns! :-)

Jason B. Standing said...

Perhaps this technology, once it matures, could be hooked up to the rat brains which will autonomously surf the internet, as I predicted in 2004 - it's our responsibility to monitor these abominations, after all.

neonwombat said...

Rian: hmm :-/ It's interesting to speculate though. Have you read this? I find it interesting how neuroscientists are slowly improving the granularity of their measurements and artificial intelligence researchers are building ever more complex systems. They're essentially approaching the same problem from different directions.

Jason: I, for one, welcome our new rat brain dish overlords.